Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration

Under a JV agreement between Accurate and Applied Design and Engineering Ltd. Of UK (trading as Adande)- we are developing and manufacturing Adande’s refrigerated drawers in India.

Based in Lowestoft, (United Kingdom),Adande was founded by Ian Wood and George Young.

It is an innovative refrigeration design which provides superior cold storage conditions, using less energy than the conventional products while simultaneously maintaining the food quality.

ADANDE is a new method of cold storage developed as a series of insulated drawers, that offers storage temperature flexibility in 1°C increments between -22°C and + 15°C.

Models Of ADANDE-





  • Efficient, Reliable and Hygienic
  • Low Velocity Cooling for Best Food Storage
  • Prevents Food from Chilling / Freezing injury
  • Multiple Temperature Maintaining Controller
  • Refrigeration Industry's first company offering 2 Year's Warranty
  • Modular Space Saving Design
  • Energy Efficient Refrigeration
  • Long lasting Seals (Gasket)
  • Adande keeps condensers dust free saving valuable costs.
    • Fundamentally different

    • More products, benefits & capabilities for your money

    • Hotter the kitchen, the better our performance

    • Thinking outside the refrigerated box

    • Guaranteed to be better

    • Providing solutions for everyday kitchen problems

    • Complete flexibility

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