IoT, Embedded & Power Electronics

IoT, Embedded & Power Electronics


Design & supply of customized electrically-motorized operated beds, operational tables, dialysis chairs and many more.


  • Customized particle size Analyzers, Viscometers & Rheometers
  • ATM Manager
  • Free Cooling Unit
  • Frequency Generator
  • IR Tester
  • Power Conversion

  • SMPS
  • DC-DC Converter
  • Customised Invertors
  • Adaptors
  • AC-DC Converters
  • SMPS
  • Telecom

  • HPS Energy Conservation Solution
  • LVD Controller (low voltage detection)
  • ESU (Engine Safety Unit) for Telecom DG Set
  • DC / AC Energy Meter with Data logger
  • Multiplexer Card
  • Automotive :

    Battery Charger

    Automotive Battery Chargers are widely required for charging batteries of different types of automobiles. Our Automotive Battery Chargers come with standard accessories providing efficient charging performance.

    DC-DC Converters

    Specially designed DC-DC converts for heavy commercial vehicles carrying 24VDC batteries. Robust design comes with two variants with 20 VDC output & 10 VDC output.

    Engine control units, infotainment systems, cigarette lighters, braking systems etc. are all controlled by DC-DC converters.

    Tier 1 suppliers to major OEMs

    IOT for passengers and commercial vehicles

    CAN converters


    DCDC Converters


    Smart Controllers

    500W Inverter

    This inverter is specially used in automotive application. Its main purpose is to convert 12VDC (from vehicle battery) to 220VAC.

    Useful in Defense Ambulance for loads such as Suction Machine, Defibrillator cum Monitor or ECG machine, Ventilator, Pulse-Oximeter, Nebulizer, Infusion pump, BP Instrument etc.

    Can also be used to run the loads/applications with maximum current of 2.65 Amp.

    SMPS :

    Range of SMPS designs as per applications are being manufactured. Design contains 5V 3Amp, 7.5V 3Amp, 9V 2Amp and many more as per customized requirement.

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