Industrial Refrigeration

Accurate Industrial Controls Pvt. Ltd. (India) signed JV agreement with Adande Refrigeration (UK) on 02/12/2012 to develop refrigeration in India.

Based in Lowestoft, Suffolk, (United Kingdom) Applied Design and Engineering (ADANDE) was founded by Ian Wood and George Young.

It is one of a number of innovative refrigeration designs which provide superior cold storage conditions, using less energy, than traditional refrigeration designs.

We call ADANDE is a new method of cold storage developed as a series of insulated drawers, that each offer storage temperature flexibility in 1°C increments between -22°C and + 15°C.

  • It's an Adande

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  • Same great quality no matter where you are in the world

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  • Complete flexibility whenever you need it

Models of ADANDE


  • Single Drawer

  • Two Drawers

  • Three Drawers


  • Single Drawer

  • Two Drawers

  • Three Drawers


  • Single Drawer

Why Adande